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Tattoos Removal

We have all made mistakes on our quest for individuality, whether it be a disasterous new hair style, or a major fashion faux pas, and fortunately these things can be remedied, and even laughed back at in the future…

…but what about those decisions we have made to individualise our appearances that are moreย permanent…Im talking about TATTOOS!!

Love them or hate them TATTOOS areย permanent fixtures on your skin, and if you have not chosen so wisely they may become a major source of embarrassment or inconvenience in the future…


Here at THE AESTHETIC CLINIC we can remove your unwanted tattoos using the very best MEDICAL GRADE LASER ย technology, and banish those mistakes alongside those cringing hairstyles of the past!

Call us on 01695 571777 to book in for your free consultation today!

We want to help every person in our region, Ormskirk, Aughton, Southport, Liverpool, Preston, Skelmersdale, Wigan..all over Lancashire and Merseyside, to be confident in their own skin!!