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Pre- Holiday Checklist!

Are you jetting off to sunnier climes this summer??
Here are our top suggestions for your pre holiday checklist!!


  • Sun Protection- We have a fabulous range of SPF 50 sun protection by HELIOCARE in stock at The Aesthetic Clinic, including oil- free gels and creams to protect you from the damage that the suns rays can cause! You dont want to be worrying about sun burn when you are busy enjoying yourself!!
  • Anti wrinkle injections- Dont forget, squinting and frowning in the sun can result in deeper lines with colour differences due to tanning effects! So take some tension away and relax those muscles before you go!!
  • Laser Hair Removal- Hair removal has never been so good, so forget waxing, tweezing and shaving to get your body swimwear ready! Say goodbye razor, and hello laser!!


Wherever you are spending your summer, whether it be abroad or in the UK, we have over 20 different treatments and procedures to help you get yourself looking and feeling great, so call us on 01695 571777 or visit our to book your free consultation!