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Rejuvenate your skin

As we age our skin begins to display the effects from the sun, the wear-and-tear of daily life and the elements. In response, aesthetic procedures are able to restore a youthful, fresh and vibrant appearance.

Skin Rejuvenation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today and these treatments can help turn back the clock. Cosmetic flaws maybe caused by environmental factors, hormones, medication, pregnancy or heredity factors. Therefore most vascular and pigmented lesions are ideal candidates for non-invasive AFT pulsed light treatments. Skin Rejuvenation significantly reduces the appearance of age spots, sun damage, veins, rosacea, redness, freckles, nose veins, rough texture, tone, pores, broken capillaries and uneven pigmentation.

How does AFT Pulsed Light technology work?

AFT pulsed light only treats the effected areas while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The light is absorbed precisely at the target areas, penetrates the skin layers and is absorbed by the blood vessels or by pigmentation.The heat and light impairs the vessel or lesion and the body begins its natural healing process.


Skin Rejuvenation: What to expect?

Treatment generally involves a series of sessions while some patients see significant improvement in two or three treatments, others may require more. While pain tolerance is an individual matter, most people tolerate AFT pulsed light treatment well. The treatments range from 20-40 minutes, and afterwards you can resume all regular activities immediately.


Advantages of Skin Rejuvenation

Using different colours of light and laser creates a bespoke treatment specifically tailored to the individual. Skin will appear naturally even-toned and healthy, promoting new collagen growth.

• Smoother, healthier, younger looking skin.
• Non-invasive with no down time.
• Boosting self-confidence and enhancing appearance.
• Visable improvement with minimal discomfort.
• Treatments are quick and easy for patients, no anaesthesia required.

The gold standard AFT technology skin rejuvenation promises to benefit both men and women of all ages to enhance the skin and give a more youthful appearance.