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Chemical Peels are not a new phenomenon; they have been used for hundreds of years in various forms. Cleopatra was the first known exponent of chemical peels, with ancient Romans also using various food acids to peel their skin. In the early 1900’s salons offered peels with “secret ingredients”

Glycol acid peels continue to be the mainstay of many skin treatments today.

  • Chemical peels remove the outer layer of skin.
  • They are fast and convenient with minimal “down time”.
  • They have immediately noticeable results.
  • They reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • They remove rough scaly patches.
  • They give fresher, brighter, more hydrated appearance.
  • They are safe and effective on black/ Asian skin.


NeoStrata’s peeling solutions were developed by renowned dermatologist, Dr.Eugene J Van Scott, and dermatopharmacologist, Dr. Ruey J Yu, to provide physicians with a highly effective, superficial peeling systems.


NeoStrata peels offer maximum bio-availability and 100% free glycol acid, along with a comprehensive range of acid concentrations for optimum strength and flexibility in treating patients of all skin types and conditions.


The NeoStrata skin rejuvenation system of glycol peels offer the flexibility of four concentrations including 20%, 35%,50% and 70% free glycolic acid.


NeoStrata skin peels have all the benefits associated with glycolic acid skin peels, but in addition are:

  • ย Fragrance free
  • Physician strength
  • Not tested on animals
  • Do not contain any animal derived ingredients