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Finding the right practitioner

Have you been offered bargain aesthetic treatments and you aren’t sure if they are too good to be true?

We have produced this handy guide to help you see through the jargon, and make an informed choice about whom you can trust to start you on your aesthetics journey!

Finding the right Aesthetic Practitioner can be the key to achieving your dream results, but whom do you choose? How do you know where to go?

These questions come up time and time again, and it can be difficult to differentiate the good from the bad if you don’t know what you should be looking for.

The first and most important thing that you should consider when thinking about any aesthetic procedure is that of safety.

You should feel safe, relaxed and fully informed before making your final decision. There should be a no pressure approach, with a free no obligation consultation where you are encouraged to ask questions or voice any concerns.

If you were considering anti wrinkle injections for example, forget about the new trend of “Botox parties”- you are thinking of having something injected into your face- would you really feel safe doing this in a party environment?  Or if you were thinking about one of our laser treatments, wouldn’t you feel safer and happier in a clinical environment with world-class medical grade lasers than in a back street sunbed shop with substandard equipment?

The price tag may be less than you would pay in a reputable clinic, but you could pay heavily in other ways if a mistake was made. Insurance premiums for laser practitioners have shot up over recent years due to unqualified therapists and poor standards causing unnecessary injury to unhappy patients looking for a cheap deal.

Your practitioner should be suitably experienced, qualified and insured to carry out your chosen procedure, and evidence of these qualifications and insurance documentation should either be visible to you, or at the least available upon request.

It is also wise to look at recommendations and accreditations from reputable sources when deciding on your aesthetic clinic.  Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and other customer reviews on company websites are a good starting point, but nothing is more valuable than a recommendation from a friend.  Some people are still too shy or embarrassed to admit that they use a great aesthetician to maintain their face and body, but if you are happy with a practitioner, just tell a trusted friend! Chances are they are wishing they looked and felt as great as you too!

Here at the Aesthetic Clinic our practitioners have over 17 years of experience in the industry, including over 13 years at Rodney street clinics, and were trained by the top leading names and doctors the industry has to offer. They are fully insured and qualified to the top levels of their professions.

We are accredited by Consulting Room, the UK’s largest cosmetic information website, and have an abundance of great customer reviews on our website and social media platforms. We offer free, no obligation consultations, and follow-ups to treatments, and we will always offer the best advice we can and would never suggest a treatment or procedure that we did not feel would benefit you.

You can be assured, that with us, you are in the safest possible hands.