Acne Laser Therapy


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Destroying Acne

Acne is a common and socially frustrating condition. We are all too aware that acne can be an upsetting condition, acne can cause long-term physical and emotional upset. You do not have to d-acnesuffer any longer, we can help. Using laser therapy is the fastest way to treat acne – it is 3 times faster than if you were to go on a course of antibiotics. Current treatment options have for many patients been ineffective and accompanied by negative side effects.

How does AFT pulsed light technology work?

The advanced technology that provides the solution to improve the severity of the condition is Blue Light High-intensity AFT pulsed light destroys the acnes bacteria which is The causing culprit, but this does not destroy the surrounding tissue making it a very safe treatment. AFT light pulsed yields quick and impressive results without side-effects, pain or photo-sensitivity.

What to expect?

AFT pulsed light acne treatment is non-invasive.If anything, all clients feel is slight warmth, and can resume regular activities immediately after treatment. Healthy adults and teenagers can undergo Blue Light acne treatment. The pulsed light is specially designed to match your skin type, assuring exceptionally exact and gentle treatments.

Advantages of Blue Light

Effective and comfortable, the treatment is suitable for all skin types. The Blue Light works quickly and thoroughly to kill acne bacteria with no side-effects or downtime.

Benefits of Blue Light Therapy

  • ย Significant decrease in the number of acne lesions.
  • Significant improvement in self confidence.
  • Blue light effectively helps alleviate this common skin condition.
  • No downtime and non-invasive.
  • Destroys p.acnes bacteria.

The result

Extensive acne clearance in several sessions using only medical grade light and laser treatments.