Latest Technology

Here at The Aesthetic Clinic we understand the latest developments in our industries technology, therefore our clinic can and always will provide the best and most effective technology for our treatments. Below is some more information on two of machines we use, and why we choose to use them in our clinic.

Alma Lasers

Alma Lasers is a global innovator of laser, light-based, radiofrequency and ultrasound solutions for the aesthetic and surgical markets.

Alma Lasers has been at the forefront of multi-technology systems, revolutionizing existing treatment methods and working to serve the varied and growing needs of both patients and practitioners around the world.

With offices and manufacturing facilities on three continents and distributors around the world, Alma’s mission is to provide high-performance systems based on the very latest clinical research and cutting-edge technology.

Alma aim to enable practitioners to offer safe, effective and profitable aesthetic and surgical treatments to their patients, while allowing patients to benefit from the capabilities of state-of-the-art, clinically proven technologies and methods.

Accent Radio Frequency

The Accent machine uses Radio Frequency technology which has been designed exclusively for cosmetic use. The heat produced by the system causes instant tightening of collagen and increases collagen production in the dermis.

The treatment is ideal for face and neck remodeling, tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face, reduce wrinkles, increasing luminosity of the skin, body remodeling and cellulite, tightening areas of loose skin on the body, cellulite on arms, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. The Accent is currently the only Radio Frequency system in the UK which has full F.D.A. approval.

Accent RF, is completely non-invasive. The treatment works by heating up the skin, the dermis in particular to within 39-43 degrees for approx 5-6 minutes using a rolling probe emitting RF waves. This changes the collagen formation and encourages fibroblast migration and laying down on new collagen, with skin remodeling taking place over months and lasting approx 12 months.

In addition the RF wave passes about 2cm into the fatty skin layer causing breakdown of the fat membrane, so fat is released and picked up by the lymphatic system and disposed of by the liver for excretion. Thus cellulite and body contouring can be improved, although patient expectations must be realistic. It is more about sculpting than direct weight loss.